The Lace Girl

All giclee prints in the Lace Girl series are 18 1/4" by 21" with an image size of 14" by 17" and cost $70 per print.

            The Lace Girl is a set of drawings once intended as a book, allowing a person to sit with the hidden pictures in her or his lap. This is how the story goes:  A girl finds her grandmother’s shawl in the attic. She keeps staring at the lacework, and realizes that intricacies invite one’s imagination to stir, as in gazing at clouds, “It looks almost like…“ So this girl is self absorbed, dreamy, as many young people are. She observes so many things it is very confusing. She comes to wear the details around her on her sleeve so to speak. She weaves a very elaborate world of her own, internally. It is as though her face is closed off, as these musings require her focus away from our day to day events. She finds animal companions. They wander together. Eventually the young girl has enough experience and reflection to bring herself, her attention, rich with the memory of imagined lace, back into the world. She responds when her loved ones reach out to her, returning then, facing forward, a more integrated, older young woman.


Baby Bird
Mouse Egret Flamingo
Fox Horse Bird
Monkeys Rhino Dog