Road Life


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They Swerved in Time

16"x16" $135

6 card assortment with this print included, $17

            I often stop the car to move a turtle across the road in the direction they are headed. Bright designs adorn our Eastern Box Turtles. The mushroom in the painting is poisonous to humans. Turtles can eat poisonous mushrooms without harm. If they are eaten, the predator will be poisoned though.  Box Turtles have been known to live 80 years.

Many of the items in this border are what turtles love to eat.
Blueberries, Yellow Ladyslipper, Jewelweed, Bushy Aster, Goldensilk Spider, Celery Looper Moth, Black Raspberries, Clover, Cortinarius Subpurascens Mushroom, Slug, Downy Yellow Violet, Common Black Ground Beetle, Sourgrass, Imperial Moth Caterpillar, Serviceberry, Marigold, Widow Dragonfly, Wild Oats, Blackberries, Honeysuckle, Brochymerna, Cricket, Tickseed, Wild Strawberries, Pillbugs, Earthworms, Foam Flower, Termite, Yellow Star Grass, Japanese Beetle.

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